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How to calculate the cost of cardboard packaging printing using the Printing Packaging calculator and a simple ruler! ))

This calculator is critical to prompt calculation of the cost of cardboard packaging production. Like all our calculators, this tool allows to estimate the cost of printing for most variants of cardboard packaging made from solid cardboard with various additional post-print finishing (protecting varnish, solid or spot UV varnishing, lamination (gloss or mat)) and the opportunity to specify hot-foil blocking or embossing in the calculation.

This Printing Packaging calculator allows you to easily estimate for the whole variety of the cardboard packaging in a couple of minutes. All you need in this case is having a usual ruler with you. This is needed to measure the height and width of your packaging if stretched on a sheet of paper or view these parameters in the artwork's e-version. Any packaging or box, spread with its gluing lines detached, looks rectangular. Here the height and width endpoints of a cardboard product are exactly the parameters you should input in the 'Height' and 'Width' calculator's fields in millimetres. Simply said, to count the cost of a box you need to know its height and width across the sheet of paper on which this lays if spread. You do not need to add 3 mm bleeds as the calculator includes them automatically.

Unique features of the Printing Packaging online calculator:

A special feature of the Printing Packaging calculator is that die cutting is allowed for by default. However, if this is the first time you are planning to order certain type of cardboard packaging, its die cutting needs making a stamp. That's why to calculate the cost of printing cardboard packaging for the first time, please, leave the 'Recurrent Order' field blank. This implies that the calculation will include making the stamp for die cutting. If you wish to calculate costs making a repeat issue, please, just check the 'Recurrent Order' field. Here the cost of a new batch of cardboard packaging will be reduced by the cost of the die-cutting stamp.

Another feature of this calculator, in contrast to others, is no 'Colours' field. This is because we included automated colour calculation /4+0/ CMYK for your convenience. As most standard cardboard packaging types presume full-colour printing on cardboard /4+0/. If the printing of your cardboard products includes metallic paints or other irregular printing techniques, please, call +38 (044) 360 00 to request your custom calculation.

The third unique feature is the opportunity to use different cardboard types, classes and grammage based on the packaging budget available. In the 'Paper type' field you can see cardboard ranking from 200 g/m2 to 350 g/m2. This is high-grade Finnish cardboard serving as a reference standard of perfect quality and brightness. Naturally, its cost is higher than the cost of 'economy' cardboards given in this calculator below. 'Economy' cardboards from China vary from 190 g/m2 to 300 g/m2. If what your buyer sees inside the packaging (namely the cardboard brightness) is not as important for you, you may choose this economy class without hesitation. If you sell expensive and high-class products, then it's better to avoid saving and choose the highest-class Finnish cardboard. Particularly, if your calculation is for a small batch of cardboard packaging, the cardboard type you select won't critically affect the order price.

Gluing lines or, in the typographer's jargon, gluing points mean the number of lines with glue layer in the box. Most common boxes normally have one gluing line. As you know the exact number of such lines in your future box's artwork, please, just enter this in the 'Gluing lines' field.

Thus, this calculator will help you estimate the cost of printing cardboard packagings of various parameters and circulations and, therefore, plan your printing budget. After you calculate the needed format and circulation of your cardboard packaging you may submit your order online upon your registration on our website.

If you need a professional packaging design, you may benefit from our design studio whose professionals will create a custom design for your future packaging or advise you on optimum parameters of the future packaging for the budget available. For details, please, follow