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Printing school exercise books: use this online calculator to know the cost of printing exercise books

Specifics of using this online calculator to know the cost of printing school exercise books:

  • exercise book format: standard B5 (165x205mm);
  • number of sheets: 12 to 192;
  • inner block paper density: offset 55 to 80 g/m2;
  • exercise book binding type: staple, spiral, coiling, hardcover binding;


  • number of cover pages: 4 pages.
  • colours: from black-and-white 1+1 to full-colour 4+4, plus Pantone 5+5. Selecting the colour for both cover sides is possible.
  • cover paper type: coated, 130 to 350 g/m2;
  • additional cover finishing: protective varnish, UV varnish (solid or spot), lamination (gloss or mat).
  • additional special effects: spot UV varnish, flock.

If you need to calculate the cost of printing soft-cover exercise books (glued with a thermal binder) or a non-conventional exercise book format (A4, A5, B6), please, use the Printing Magazines calculator.

School exercise book printing calculated with this online tool:

This calculator allows to estimate the cost of making standard 165x205 mm exercise books for school and college students. We only use high-quality materials to produce school exercise books, their internal blocks are made of offset paper, the cover is high-grade and allows for additional post-printing finishing.

To calculate the cost of printing school exercise books you need to input relevant parameters. This tool makes calculations for both simple exercise books on two staples and more sophisticated, coiled or hard-covered. After pressing on the 'Calculate' button the calculation output will be rendered in the right-hand half-window:

  • maximum trim size (165x205 mm);
  • cost of the finished products;
  • price per copy;
  • weight of the whole circulation.

Having the cost of your exercise book printing based on the calculation data you have entered you will be able to place your order (after you have registered on our service) by clicking on the 'Place order' button.

After pressing the 'About your order' button a file will open detailing the calculation information you have input and the cost of order printing, price per copy and the circulation weight. Also this file renders the information on requirements to the preparing of the exercise book artwork for printing.

Processable number of sheets in exercise book inner blocks: 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, 96, 160 and 192.

Exercise book inner blocks can be made in the following variants:

  • squared;
  • ruled;
  • ruled with diagonal lines;

This online calculator automatically counts the inner block's number of colours 2+2 - Cyan + Pantone.

Specifics of the exercise book printing process

The production of exercise books uses modern printing technologies on web and sheet-fed presses and high-quality materials satisfying the highest customer's requirements and complying with production standards.

There are three options of exercise book binding, namely stapling, coiling and hard cover. Stapling is used to print large exercise book circulations within extremely tight time limits as the press renders finished products packed in film.

For coiled or hard-cover exercise books another technology with long post-printing process is used. The lead time for coiled or hard-cover exercise books is subject to additional negotiation.