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This Printing Plastic Cards online calculator is intended to estimate the cost of making various plastic cards based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resistant to mechanical and heat stresses.

The tool will help you calculate for the following card types:

  • club, discount, pass, business, gift, insurance cards;
  • ID cards (plastic cards intended to identify their owner's identity in a system: with magnetic stripe, bar code or a card bearing its owner's details (photo image, full name, etc.));
  • scratchcards (plastic cards with a scratchable area, e.g. phone or lottery cards).

Target audience of the Printing Plastic Cards calculator:

  • supermarket or other retail chains (discount, accumulation, gift cards);
  • restaurants, clubs, entertainment centres, petrol stations, fitness centres, etc. (club, discount, accumulation, magnetic cards);
  • business centres and other institutions (passes, ID cards);
  • mobile operators, Internet providers, lottery organizers (plastic scratchcards with a scratchable area);
  • business people (VIP-grade plastic business cards).

Unique features of the Printing Plastic Cards online calculator:

  • standard 54x86 mm plastic card size, 0.76 mm thick;
  • circulation size: 10 or more;
  • colours: full-colour printing /4+4/;
  • plastic colour: white, silver/gold;

Personalization options:

  • embossing;
  • bar codes/numbers;
  • magnetic stripe encoding;
  • signature panel.

Embossing means writing information (letters and digits) on a card by stamping followed by gold, silver or other blocking. There are two embossing standards:

  • 3-mm high symbols (letters and digits);
  • 4.5-mm high symbols (DIGITS ONLY).

Bar code means alphanumeric information in the form of a number of bars represented in a certain standard. A bar code contains card owner's digital or personal information. This is needed for automated reading and decoding of the information when identifying the card user in the system.

Magnetic stripe is a magnetic encoded information carrier with small memory capacity (a total of 217 characters in 3 tracks).

Signature panel - used to write card owner's own signature. Colour: solid or with a protective grid or customer's logo. Every attempt to erase the signature will end up in an irreversible destruction.

Scratch panel: a scratch stripe applied to secret personal identification numbers and erased during the card activation.

In addition our designers may help you develop a custom card design based on your preferences. To do so, please, check the calculator's "Design artwork" field. Also we can produce a card proof followed by the whole circulation if approved by the customer.

After you have input all parameters needed to calculate the cost of your card's printing and clicked on the 'Calculate' button, the calculator will render the results in the right half-window in a couple of seconds. You'll see the cost of finished products per card and for the whole circulation. Having the cost of your card production based on the parameters you have entered you will be able to place you order (as soon as you register on our website) by clicking on the 'Place Order' button.

Plastic card printing technology

Cards are printed on sheet PVC with subsequent fusing of image-bearing layers and applying the lamination (whether gloss or mat, which secures the durability and wear-resistance of plastic cards (for the image, bar code protection, etc.)).

All our cards comply with ISO 7810/7816 standards. We make cards from white or coloured (gold, silver) polymers.

Here are some types of additional protection and personalization for your plastic cards (these options are calculated on an individual basis according to your request)

Hologram image

A product bearing a 3D image contrasts sharply with conventional 2D pictures or photographs.

Blacklight ink (UV ink)

Images applied using this ink, although invisible in the normal light, glow in ultraviolet rays.

Contact / contactless chip modules

Programmable electronic media embedded in the card. High degree of card counterfeit protection.

Numbering/text personalization

Applying alphanumeric data on the map (card owner's details, card number, validity, etc.)


Painting the embossed alphanumeric information on gold, silver or other colours.

Hot-foil blocking

Thermal transferring of a foil impression onto a card using hot-foil blocking with various plates.