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Web printing on light-coated paper (using the heatset printing technique - printing with hot-air drying)

This online calculator has been developed for retail chains, supermarkets, advertising agencies issuing large (8-32 A4 pages) circulations of advertising catalogues on light-coated paper.

The advantages of the heatset printing technique are as follows:

  • ensuring full-featured ink impressions as in the sheet-fed printing or even with brighter and saturated colours in some cases;
  • use of low-grammage (starting from 49 g/m2) coated paper ensuring substantial savings printing large circulations;
  • the press is fitted with 9-meter-long hot-air dryer ensuring instant ink fixation on the blanket without ink smearing or setoffs;
  • the speed of web printing is much higher than in sheet printing, which is often critical for issuing large circulations for retail chains followed by their fast logistics. - the press produces folded 8A4 and 16A4 blocks glued as they leave the press or stapled after printing.

Special features of the Printing on Light-Coated Paper calculator:

  • format: A5, A4, A3;
  • colours: maximum ink number /4+4/;
  • number of pages: any, multiple 4.
  • binding: 2 staples or glued (stapling can be used for any number of pages, starting from 8 and on; gluing is only possible for 8 or 16 A4 pages);

Paper types:

  • newsprint, 45 g/m2;
  • offset, from 55 g/m2 to 80 g/m2;
  • light-coated UPM Smart (extra bright) paper, grammage from 49 g/m2 to 60 g/m2;
  • coated SAPPI Galerie Brite (extra bright), UPM Ultra papers, grammage from 57 g/m2 to 90 g/m2;

The light-coated paper used for heatset printing features high bulkiness and opacity indicators. Brightness D65 – 85-86%; bulkiness cm3/g - 0.89.

The heatset printing technology is used for printing inner blocks of glossy magazines widely presented in press stands. Normally printing on light-coated paper is reasonable for circulations from 10,000 copies and more. If a magazine has many pages and its circulation is large, web printing will allow considerable saving on its printing due to lower grammage of its inner block (the minimum density in sheet-fed printing is 80 g/m2, while in web printing this starts from 45 g/m2), the copy weight is considerably reduced (up to 50%), which makes transporting this much easier. To calculate the cost of printing magazines on light-coated paper, please, use the Printing Magazines calculator.

The printing quality is achieved thanks to the commercial web press with a hot-air dryer.

Press's specifications:

  • Cylinder circumference: 630 mm.
  • Paper width: min. 840 mm., max. 920 mm.
  • Paper grammages processed: min. 40 g/m2, max. 130 g/m2.
  • Production speed: max. 40,000 cylinder rev./hour
  • Blocks output: 8A3, 8A4, 16A4 /4+4/.

The improved quality of impressions on newsprint and offset paper using web printing with hot-air dryers is worth notice as well. Compared with printing on conventional newspaper presses, here the colour depth and brightness are higher, no ink setoffs occur, tinting is smooth, images and texts look perfect. So, where considerable savings on an advertising leaflet budget are needed, you may be sure to shift from light-coated paper to the newsprint one. In this case your budget will shrink approx. 1.5 times. You can experiment with the calculator and see prices of printing on various paper types with different grammages.

This calculator will also be of help to advertising agencies, major manufacturers of such advertising catalogues and large leaflet circulations wishing to launch mass advertising of their goods or services.