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This calculator allows to estimate the cost of printing leaflets, flyers, stickers, boxes, packaging and other printed products of custom (substandard) sizes with various additional post-print finishing and non-rectangular products the production of which requires die cutting, using stamping, applying additional spot UV varnishing.

As a whole, if you wish to print something special, going beyond the conventional standard printing, this solution is exactly for you!

Unique features of the Printing VIP Leaflets online calculator:

  • calculating the cost of leaflet production according to your custom sizes;
  • maximum number of colours: 5+5 (CMYK plus Pantone);
  • additional finishing: varnishing, laminating (gloss/mat), UV varnishing (solid/spot), protective varnish and additional UV varnishing on the protective film, stamping, die-cutting.

This online calculator allows calculations for a fairly large list of products, starting from advertising stickers, wobblers, cup pads, price tags, labels, calendars, post cards, bookmarks, other printed products for sales promotion and ending with custom leaflets, stickers, packaging, boxes and other substandard printed products.

To calculate the cost of making printed products with this calculator, please, give exact side parameters (height and width) for the sheet serving as the product base. For instance, you may want to print round cup pads. To allow correct calculations for such product, you need to measure the pad diameter. This will then provide you with side sizes of the sheet for such a pad. Where the diameter is 80 mm, the sheet height and width will make 80 mm accordingly. Being informed of the sheet parameters for the pad circle you should input them to the Product Size field in millimetres:

Side A: 80

Side B: 80.

Then give the number of colours for the pad, for instance, 4+0. Then, please, give the paper type, possibly additional finishing: protective varnishing, UV varnish, lamination (gloss or mat), additional spot UV varnish.

Then just check the 'Die cutting'. If you already have the die cutting stamp, please, just check 'Stamp available'.

After specifying the circulation you need, press the 'Calculate' button to get the cost of printing.

Cost of printing boxes and other packaging

This Printing VIP Leaflets calculator also knows how to calculate the cost of printing packaging with additional finishing, such as lamination, stamping, spot UV varnishing improving your product's consumer properties. Packaging is normally printed on coated paper or board with the density starting from 200 g/m2, 350 g/m2. To make a correct calculation of box printing, you should input exact height and width of the sheet from which the box blank will be cut; to do so, please, check the 'Die cutting' field. As a whole, if you have parameters of the box base sheet and the paper density, colours and additional post-printing processes, such as lamination, stamping, spot UV varnishing, you'll promptly calculate the cost of box printing with this calculator.

Thus, this calculator will help you estimate the cost of printing your custom product in various circulation sizes and plan your printing budget. After you calculate the needed format you may submit your order online upon your registration on our website.

Your VIP leaflet printing quality is ensured by Heidelberg CD 102, a 5-ink B1 sheet-fed press with varnishing section.