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This online calculator helps estimate the cost of printing leaflets, flyers, posters, covers, stickers and other printed products in A1 - A7 or B1 - B7 formats accordingly or flatwork with one or several parallel folds.

Printing leaflets of various formats

Today the most popular is the printing of A4, A5, A6 leaflets and 200*100 mm ‘euroflyers’ (as defined below). Also leaflets can be printed in less popular B4, B5, B6 formats. So, this tool has been designed to avoid getting confused with various formats used in leaflet printing.

All you need to calculate the cost of printing leaflets is choosing the needed leaflet format, paper density and circulation size and thus plan the advertising budget from the printing perspective. To ensure promptness you can place your printing order online. Our managers will immediately contact you to arrange proper support for your order.

A special feature of working with our printing house in Kyiv is higher leaflet printing quality (with or without colour proof) ensured by cutting-edge printing machines Heidelberg CD 102 (5-ink B1 sheet-fed printing machine with varnish section), Man Roland Uniset (web newspaper printing), Minolta Bizhub PRESS C7000 format 450*320 mm. (digital printing).

Product types for the Printing Leaflets calculator:

  • leaflets;
  • posters;
  • forms;
  • flyers and ‘euroflyers’ (in the CIS area the word ‘euroflyer’ means a 99 x 210 advertising leaflet);
  • booklets and ‘eurobooklets’ (in the CIS area the word ‘eurobooklet’ means a booklet made of an A4 sheet of paper folded to organize three, 96 mm, 96 mm and 98 mm wide, content blocks; the size of a folded ‘eurobooklet’ is 98 mm x 210 mm);
  • covers;
  • stickers.

The number of colours for such printed products ranges from 1+1 (black-and-white on both sides) to a maximum of 5+5 - CMYK (or full colour) on both sides plus Pantone on both leaflet sides. Possible additional finishing: varnishing, lamination (gloss/mat), UV varnishing (solid/spot), protective varnishing. You can specify this in the Additional Finishing section. In the printing of leaflets on newsprint paper additional printing will be impossible as the paper is too thin, no additional fifth Pantone colour will be possible either.

A special feature of this online calculator is using various printing technologies in calculating the cost of printing leaflets, flyers, posters and other sheet-fed printed products. So, for small A4 leaflet circulations (1-400 copies) digital printing is used. This requires 80-300 g/m2 coated paper.

For A4 leaflet circulations of 400-40,000 copies sheet-fed printing is used. Here the paper density also varies from 80 to 300 g/m2.

Printing from 40,000 to 1 million or more copies of A4 leaflets is reasonable on light-coated paper with density starting from 52 g/m2. For such purposes web rotary printing is used. This technology secures flawless impression quality. This type of printing is most commonly used by supermarket chains to distribute large circulations of advertising catalogues or leaflets.

If the size of your leaflet, flyer, poster, etc. is different from the formats specified in the calculator, please, use the Printing VIP Leaflets calculator. This tool will also suit you if the shape of your products is not rectangular (die cutting is needed), stamping or additional spot UV varnishing are used.