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Printing magazines - how to calculate the cost of magazine printing.

This calculator's special features are:

  • magazine format: from В7 to А3;
  • colours: full-colour printing /4+4/, plus Pantone /5+5/, except for the inner block on newsprint or light-coated paper with the maximum number of colour inks being /4+4/;
  • magazine binding: 2 staples (not more than 128 pages), binder gluing (magazines with 48 pages or more);
  • cover paper: coated, offset, cardboard, designer cardboard; cover density: up to 300 g/m2.
  • number of cover pages: 4.
  • inner block paper: newsprint, coated, light-coated, offset, pressure-sensitive adhesives (Raflatac), designer cardboard; density: from 45 g/м2.
  • block page factors: 4 pages for coated paper; 8 pages for newspaper, offset and light-coated paper.
  • additional cover finishing: protective varnish, UV varnish (solid or spot), lamination (gloss or mat).

To calculate the cost of printing hard-cover products, please, use the Hardcover Binding calculator.

This tool will help you estimate the cost of printing any number of magazines, from 1 to 1 million copies or more. Depending on the circulation size, format, number of colours and inner block paper this calculator will automatically select the optimum printing technology (sheet-fed, web or digital) and, accordingly, render the lowest price depending on the selected printing technology.

After you have input all parameters required to calculate the cost of printing, just click on the 'Calculate' button, and the calculator will render the results in the right half-window in a couple of seconds. You'll see the magazine's maximum trim size. This parameter is calculated for magazines with bleeds. If your images have no bleeds, the A4 trim size will make 200*280 mm and the A3 trim size will be 280*410 mm. After this under the maximum trim size you will find the finished product's price for the whole circulation and the per-copy price. For your convenience the circulation weight is also displayed. Having the cost of your magazine printing based on the parameters you have entered you will be able to place your order (after you have registered on our service) by clicking on the 'Place Order' button.

Process specifics of magazine printing

Magazines are printed on web or sheet-fed presses. The main factor of choosing between the sheet-fed or rotary printing is the circulation size. So, little circulations are based on sheet-fed printing. Large circulations employ web (rotary) printing.

The first typical feature of magazine printing is higher quality. A flawless impression, smooth tinting, bright colours with colour proof printing are ensured by our new sheet-fed and rotary printing machines: Heidelberg CD 102, a 5-ink B1 sheet-fed press with varnishing section, Man Roland Uniset (newspaper web printing), Minolta Bizhub PRESS C7000 (format 450*320 mm). (digital printing).

Our online calculators will help you estimate the cost of printing of any magazine meeting your demands, whether in terms of the finished product format or based on the key specifications such as the number of colours, number of blocks (pages), magazine's inner block paper density, method of binding (binding with 2 staples or gluing with a thermobinder), additional post-printing processes, such as UV-varnishing, spot UV-varnishing, hot-foil blocking.

Printing magazines, catalogues, soft-cover books, brochures.

Our calculator is multi-functional as this not only allows to estimate the cost of magazine printing but also the cost of printing catalogues, soft-cover books, brochures. In fact, here you can make calculations for any covered magazine products printed on coated or offset paper from 80 g/m2 and one or several inner blocks made on newsprint, offset, coated paper or light-coated paper (using this paper type is reasonable to print large circulations of advertising and magazine products).

Printing magazines in Ukraine: all pros and cons.

In conclusion, a couple of words about selecting the house to print magazines or other periodicals. We are convinced that in selecting a reliable contractor here the focus must be not on the price but on the job quality.

The main purpose of PrintStore's online printing calculators is informing customers on the average market price for printing magazines in Ukraine and you get an extra service helping promptly calculate the cost of printing magazines, receive professional advices, place online orders and receive them in time and with high quality guaranteed by top-class machines. So, dear fiends, the choice is yours!