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Corporate publication design and development from Intercontinental-Ukraine, PrintStore Group

We offer 'turnkey' production of corporate publications (magazines, newspapers). We provide 'from scratch' publication concepts, preparing materials, copywriting, editorial services, selecting photos, designing, making up and printing issues with our machines.

Publishing phases:

  • Defining publication's strategy and goals;
  • Study of the target audience (if applicable);
  • Publication concept development (format, designer solutions, making up, cover design);
  • Preparing main heads, developing unique journalist solutions;
  • Collecting the information;
  • Designing, making up, preparing the dummy;
  • Proofing;
  • Dummy approval;
  • Preparing the correct PDF file and passing it for printing;
  • Designing the plan for the following issue.

Today's designing of newspapers or magazines does not require organizing and sustaining own staff (designers, makers up, copywriters, etc.), you just need to agree with us the materials (articles, photos) in relevant subjects and our professional team with many years' experience in designing, making up, copywriting, information content of newspapers and magazines, proofing, dummy editing and printing with our equipment will highly finish all the rest.

As the project develops we will fill your publication in with interesting articles, employ a high-grade design drawing readers' attention and place the advertising. As soon as we make our contract our advertising department will engage in finding advertisers for you, which is another advantage of working with us!

To print your publications we also offer our printing base at your disposal. Our unique feature is web printing of newspapers and magazines.